ECSI’s TaxSelect℠ Solutions are designed to streamline your workflow and alleviate your school’s staff from the cyclical processes that need to be accomplished during 1098-T tax season. How do we accomplish this? Simple. All of the document generation, printing, mailing, online access, and reporting to the IRS is done by ECSI. This takes a big burden off of your staff. You just send us the Student File and approve the mock tax document to ensure all information is displayed properly. That’s it!

ECSI will provide you with our tax document timeline which will explain when information is needed from you and when ECSI will perform our functions. This ensures there is transparency throughout the process and we set the proper expectations. We also provide Customer Service Support, which is a large portion of the workload during 1098-T season. Our experienced Customer Service Team, is ready, willing and able to answer any question that your student may have regarding the tax document.

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